April 27, 2012

Following Christ

     All people ascribe ultimate value to something. This tendency is known as worship. The object of a person’s worship will determine their religion as they seek to satisfy the universal desire to worship. But, what is the difference between religious folk and those who are truly spiritual? Questions like this are often asked by people who recognize the heart of the matter. They are specifically attempting to discern how you can know that you are not just going through the motions in your spiritual life. I am convinced that the only way to be a spiritual person is to be born again by trusting Jesus Christ for the payment for and forgiveness of sins. Faith in Christ alone is the only hope men have to overcome the death and frailty that all of us experience. Saving faith changes things. It convinces a person that true satisfaction only comes from following Jesus Christ. For most people, following Jesus Christ is a nebulous concept. How can you know that you are truly following Christ?

February 20, 2012

Contemplating Joseph

Joseph found himself in a very difficult environment. Not many on my Facebook friends list can even begin to imagine what slavery in Egypt was like c.1750 B.C. Nevertheless, he rose above the circumstances because God was with him (Genesis 39:2). His master noticed Joseph's success and entrusted him with all that he had (Genesis 39:3). Today, many of us have been entrusted with opportunities to serve. Some have employers that have entrusted them with resources and responsibilities to make their business profitable. Some have families that depend on them to meet the needs of every-day challenges. Yet, people often struggle to find satisfaction in their lives. Some become tired of the every-day routines. They attack the day by mustering up whatever motivation they can by placing their focus on what is really important to them. Others find themselves geared up and ready to take on whatever the world may throw at them. They seem to have boundless energy. Positivity exudes from their pores. People will experience both of these extremes when they evaluate their success on external circumstances or results. This approach to life fails to take into account all of the variables people have no control over. It also has the potential to place us in a very dangerous course of self-destruction. So what is the right approach?

December 3, 2011

Acts: The Saga Continues

Some in my "circles" have often commented how we need to get back to basics and become like the "primitive Church". They think that means a simpler form of worship and a clearer connection to God. This sentiment, however pious, often results from misunderstanding the content of Acts. The book of Acts does not give us a detailed account of what the firs century Christians did routinely for corporate worship. Primarily, the focus of this work is to record the testimony of God's faithfulness and power among men in fulfilling his promise of blessing the nations through Abraham. This promise was fulfilled through a message that completely changed the world and the people he used to proclaim it.


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